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Making The Web Work For You!

Specifically targeting Local Small Businesses, David Sherman Online offers a wide variety of services to help you develop an effective online presence for your company.

With experience working for large corporations, David brings big business expertise to small businesses at affordable rates.


“David is a consummate professional, skilled artist, skilled technologist, excellent web designer, personable conversationalist, proficient data jockey, someone I admire & the person I would want to design my web site, if I wanted a real web site. Given the need and opportunity, I would hire David, work for David, or help on his projects.” -Milton Bliss, IT Manager, January 17, 2011

“I had the privilege of working with David Sherman as he created and maintained the websites associated with the Sunwest organization. He understands web based marketing and cloud computing in a way that I couldn’t comprehend at the time, and his ability to create appealing and utilitarian designs were top tier. I highly recommend David’s work in web marketing and design, and would gladly work with him in the future.” -Matthew Schneider, Telecommunications Supervisor, March 28, 2011

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